Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The One With the Cinnamon Roll

The castle is green right now. Oh, now it's blue. Oh, now it's pink. Looks pretty quiet over there, right now, as it closed down at midnight.

Well, here we are again. Our first full day at Disney World in 2010 and it was definitely one to remember. Where else can you wake up with a view where you can watch all the ferries and boats come out to start their day, or watch the monorails come from the back of the Magic Kingdom to go out to the resort loop and Magic Kingdom loop to transport guests to and from their destinations. Again, feeling truly blessed to be where we are and definitely not taking it for granted! :)

Today was Beckie's birthday. She is cough cough 28 cough cough now and, of course, if you know my sister, she likes to do everything "her way" when she can get away with it. Plus, she told us yesterday, "it is my birthday, we are going to do what I want to do!" and we were ok with it! Mostly we did it because, let's face it, she wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Plus, have supper at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. OK! We will do what you want to do. Sigh, what a hardship! ;)

We started off by getting up and heading over the Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours in the morning. This is where resort guests get in early and the only lands that are open are Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. We jetted over to get FastPasses for Space Mountain (got them) and then head back to Fantasyland to do as many attractions as we could so Chloe could get her fill! Let's face it, she was ready!

These were the attractions we got through in just under and hour:

1. The Carousel (Chloe loves her horses)
2. Mickey's Philharmagic (thanks to YouTube, Chloe pretty much did a running commentary the whole time we were in there of what was going on on the screen)
3. Peter Pans flight (10 minute wait, when it could easily be 45 later on in the day)
4. Snow White (she wasn't a huge fan but liked Dopey waving at her at the end of the ride)
5. Winnie the Pooh (she really liked it)

We then started to back track towards Tomorrowland as we wanted to go get a snack at the Main Street Bakery for breakfast and on the way back Chloe asked if we could ride Buzz. So, of course, we did! I am sure you are all wondering "WHO WON?" Well, it....was....my....mom! Wow, that is hard to swallow as she is the most NON videogamer in the family (except she plays a mean game of Tetris). Of course, as you can see from the pics (link at the bottom) we always have to take a few corny/funny/"what were they thinking" types of pictures to share. We can't always be the "everyone stand together and smile" family. That's just WAY too boring!

Well, then we headed over to the Main Street Bakery at the recommendation of AJ @disneyfoodblog from DisneyFoodBlog because on her site she said that we all need to try this cinnamon roll that is one of her top snacks at the parks. THIS THING DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! The suggestion to even ask for more icing was something I don't think I could do again! THEY PILE IT ON! It was so GOOD! :) However, to make sure that I kept some sort of healthy eating, I had a bannana and an orange juice before sampling the roll!

Well, with that sitting in our stomachs we then headed over to, yes, Space Mountain (what were we thinking with that thing sitting in our stomachs?) Luckily, we handled it and got to ride on the new and improved Space Mountainn (well at least for us it was). My opinion, it ROCKS!! It is alot darker and I kind of like the fact that you can't see the ride anymore from the que line. It is just more suspenceful when you get into it the ride from the start. Just my opinion! Take it or leave it. Beckie and I were able to ride it another time because of the baby swap for Chloe so we did and then we met up with mom, dad, and Kevin as Chloe saw Buzz Lightyear meeting the kids and she wanted to meet him to. This honestly was the longest line we stood in over the course of the morning. However, Chloe got to meet her "Buzzy" and high five him.

By then it was noon and we decided to head back to the resort to unwind for the afternoon and then get ready for our supper at Ohana. The family went to the pool and I headed to the fitness center to get a short workout out in (weights and cardio) #getoffthecouch (Twitter people). The one thing I will mention is that if you use the Contemporary Resort's fitness center be prepared for a low ceiling and the feeling of being hot and muggy. It was good and I got the workout in but it just felt like a big room with no real organization. Just a pet peeve for me, but again, my two cents! :)

We then all met back up at 4:00 pm and headed over to the Polynesian for our supper at Ohana. As you, again, can see from the pics, it did not disappoint. We always have a terrific meal there and you leave FULL! Plus, If you are a meat eater, this is the THE PLACE!! My recommendations would definitely be the shrimp, the wings, and the pot stickers! Oh, and there is this bread pudding for dessert. Do yourself a favor and once they bring you one you immediately order another one (it is all you care to eat). Trust me, it is THAT good!

Now, after waddling our way out of the Polynesian cause we really couldn't walk with all that food in us, we headed over to Epcot to enjoy the Extra Magic Hours there. We started off by heading into ride Spaceship Earth and then head over and ride Journey Into Imagination (a personal favorite of Chloe's and she can sing the whole song if you want! My 3 year old niece ROCKS!).

Then it was time to head into Captain EO which just opened a few days ago. I still remember seeing this 3D movie in 1988 with my family during our trips to Epcot and tonight I got to relive it! It was very very cool to see the movie again in 3D plus the in house effects were really cool! That theater was really bouncing (I mean it, bouncing)! Definitely give it a shot if you are at Epcot over the next little while.

We then headed over to The Land and found the Soarin had a 35 minute wait time, mostly due to the fact that it was 9:00 pm and that is when Illumination starts. So we received a baby swap pass (Chloe not tall enough to ride yet) and Beckie, Kevin, Dad, and myself went through line while mom and Chloe waited out in the lobby. Now, if you have ever been through that que before, you know that it can get a little boring. So, we were getting a little tired and we started to get goofy. When we get goofy, that is when the camera comes out to capture anything that is going on. I have updated just a few of the pics we took in line. Some of them, will never see the light of day! So, if you are ever in line and see a family with a camera taking crazy pics, come on over and get a few with us! Trust me, we are all about the fun! Plus, the Cast Members were awesome that night and having a good time with the guest and each other! Love seeing that! :) Once we had our ride, mom, Kevin, and Beckie went on again while dad and I waited with Chloe.

We then headed over to The Seas to find Nemo (he keeps getting lost, poor little guy) and have a chat with that turtle named Crush (DUDE! SWEET! TOTALLY! RIGHTEOUS!). Chloe loved it and I love the fact that Crush makes jokes that are clean but that have an adult edge to them!

Well after that we all looked at each other and realised we had had a very full day and we were ready to call it a night. In fact, it is late and I actually just saw the castle lights and Main Street lights go out. Even though the lights have gone out over there, I know that the work continues. In fact, I can see the Tomorrowland Transit Authority track lit up and some Cast Members cleaning the track off with some steam cleaners. Yep, we are that close! :)

Tomorrow, well we have a plan to go to the Prime Outlets in Orlando and then to the Studios later on in the evening. Will that happen? I don't really know. We are on vacation and we will just see.

Have a good one! :)

Please click here to see today's pics

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